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223 Caliber FN FAL

Brazilian Army 556 FAL’s

DOD put these images out and I thought they were interesting. Here we see members of the US 101st shooting some Brazilian Army 556...
FN FAL 556

FAL Cleaning 

When cleaning the FAL, I usually separate the upper from the lower. For me, it makes managing the bench much easier when swabbing the...
Function Test 556 FAL - SAR-4800

556 FAL Function Test

So…we were testing the SAR-4800 / 556 FAL trying to get it ready for some projects. It was initially gassed for some old Wolf...
FN FAL in Iraq

FN FAL in Iraq

A reader from Iraq reached out and wanted some advice. His personal weapon is an honest to goodness FN made FAL. But he wishes...
FAL Rifles. STG58. FAL rifle with thumbhole stock.

FAL Rifles – The Good & The Bad

The rifle on the right almost caused me physical pain when I saw it at my local FFL.      Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Armory Chat EP14 — The People Have Spoken

It appears folks have chosen the 223 FN FAL as the first rifle to shoot some drills with. In order of votes: FN FAL 223. SIG...