Friday, August 19, 2022
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Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replace

Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replacement 

Happy New Year from the John1911 Armory. It’s Friday AM and I am knocking this off the to-do list. Replacing the FO insert on...
No DIY Trigger Jobs

No DIY Trigger Jobs!

You’ll have to watch the video to get the full message and back stories. But in brief, if you don’t know or have the...
Rusted Slide-Stop HK VP9.

Slide-Stop Rust: VP9

Carry guns get dirty and rusty. Our regulars know how I feel about photos of cherry daily CCW guns. But…I saw something a few...

Parts Kit Analysis: BREN Gun

Q: This is bad, correct? —Marky — A:Correct it looks bad! The seller seems to be focused on selling everything but the receiver.  Not really any good...

Upside Down Gas Block

I had an AR build come across the workbench. The owner bought it from the guy who built it. I’m not sure when it...

Cracks in Mauser Stock

A while back Marky picked up a Yugo Mauser at an estate auction. Any new firearm that comes into the armory get’s completely taken...

Armory Chat 36: Custom Martini-Henry in 45-70

This rifle was made in 1887 and was originally chambered in 577-450 in use by the British Army. Sometime in the future (we suspect the...