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HK VP9 Optics Plate

HK VP9 Optics Plate

Found this factory HK VP9 Optics Ready pistol at the 2023 NRA meeting. For those wondering, I am still quite fond of the VP9....

Freeze’s Missing Gun

So while working late in the armory, I had a chance to go through some of the backlogged piles from the move. In particular...
HK VP9 17rd Magazine

VP9 17rd Magazines

HK has finally introduced 17rd magazines for their VP9 / P30 series of pistols. You can tell a 17rd mag by either the 17...
3 second par time. HK Vp9. Shot timer.

3 Second Par Time

Blowing the dust off the VP9 and playing with a 3 second par time. And the video tells the tale: I need to work...
HK VP9 17rd Magazines.

HK VP9 17rd Magazines

HK is now shipping 17 round mags direct to customers. They seem just as well made as the 15rd models. Other than the round...
That Was Ugly Sesh

That Was Ugly

Just shooting a modified head-shot standard since that is the target I had in the truck.  Frankly it could have gone better. Going to have...
HK VP9 Epoxy Grip Flake-Off

Epoxy Grip Flake-Off

One of the downsides to using the epoxy solution on the VP9 is that is seems to be susceptible to falling off.  Not sure “exactly”...
Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.

Always Save The Mojo

Outtake from a range session this weekend.  It’s goofy.  It’s short. And most of you it will be lost on.  However…I thought it was a good opportunity to...
VP9 in Travel Case

Crisis Averted

So recently I had to run out of town for some meetings. And about an hour before I was supposed to leave, I had...
HK 17rd Optics Ready

VP9 17rd Magazines & RDS Cuts

Well…this “new” Heckler & Koch business model that pays attention to the US market is coming at us fast.  First they made a US style...
HK 20rd Magazine Taylor Freelance Magwell footprint.

HK20 Round Mag / Magwell Footprint

Someone asked how far does the Taylor Freelance Base pad extend from the TF magwell? Additionally I have included the footprint of the HK...
VP9 Grip project. Tumble Media. Skateboard texture.

VP9 Grip Project

Marky decided he wanted a more aggressive grip on his VP9. He ordered a spare set of grip panels so we didn’t have to...
Modify Vp9 Magwell

VP9 Magwell Opened Up

Just going to give you the highlights on this: Even with magwell on board, there are still collisions.  Not quite done filing. But functional.  ...
Rusted Slide-Stop HK VP9.

Slide-Stop Rust: VP9

Carry guns get dirty and rusty. Our regulars know how I feel about photos of cherry daily CCW guns. But…I saw something a few...
Taylor Freelance Base Pads.

VP9 Base Pads

Well…it was inevitable. If I am running a real mag-well for the VP9, I will need to run extended mags. Unfortunately I have not...