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Brass Carcano Clips

Brass Carcano Clips

Brass en-bloc clips came in for the 1891 Carcano rifle. The ad said original brass clips. These are obviously NIB re-pops. But…the MILSURP guys...
1891 Carcano Rifle

1891 Carcano Rifle – First Shots

So…we have been focusing very heavy on the performance and precision side of the armory. But many of our newer viewers may not be...
Carcano Bayonet

1891 Carcano Bayonet

Do you like Bayonets? I like bayonets. And what I mean by that in firearms terms is, a bayonet makes a gun whole. If...

Actual Kennedy – Oswald Ammo.

Years ago I bought a box of reloading stuff. It was a mismatched batch of powder, bullets, some dies and other what nots. In...