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POTD – On The Road EDC

Not quite a nightstand picture. More of a EDC while on the road shot. Getting dressed.  Wilson EDC X9L  18+1 rounds on board.  18...
Cracked JM Custom Kydex holster.

More Holster Cracks Discovered

Been sitting on this for a while, but I might have mentioned it on the podcast. My daily CCW AIWB holster that had a...
Jm Custom Kydex

Cracked JM Custom Kydex Holster

So while admin’ing my daily CCW, I noticed the holster has a crack in it. I felt like the holster’s screws were backing out...

New Single Stack Holster

My EDC holster is a AIWB rig from JM Custom Kydex. Been so happy with it, I decided to buy a second version for my...

JM Custom Kydex EDC X9L

Tell you what. This JM Custom Kydex AIWB holster is spot on for fit for the EDC X9L. I HATE changing guns and holsters.  The...