Monday, September 27, 2021
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EP52 John1911 Podcast – US Army Picks SIG 320

US Army Picks SIG P320 as M17 Service Pistol. John1911's Scott Mayer named Outdoor Writer of the Year. Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office! SHOT Show...

US Army Selects the SIG P320

As I sit and type, the last day of SHOT is wrapping up and Donald Trump is 15 minutes away from being sworn in...

Video — Second Strike And Why It Doesn’t Matter

There seems to be this persistent rumor on our social media properties that only a handgun with “second strike” or “double strike” capability will...

Glock is Already the Military Service Pistol

The fix is in. I thought maybe with the rumors about the SIG P320 being the FBI favorite, things would change? But the FBI just...

Breaking – Ruger Considering Submitting Ruger American Pistol for US Army...

I got word on whether Ruger is going after the military contract with its American pistol. “That’s still an open question,” says Ruger’s Chief...

The US Army Wants New Pistol To Shoot Hollow Points

Personal Opinion. The US Army and the DOD writ large allowing hollow point ammunition for service use has been a long time coming. The...