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SWAT Team Drone 1

John1911 Range Drone Pics

Officer Mike was playing with a drone while out at the facility last year. Here are some still images he took. I thought they...
Pistol Pit Target Array install.

Pit Target Install

We have started the permeant install of the pistol pit steel targets and paper stands. Also combining this with cleaning up the erosion from...

Pistol Pit Erosion Control 

Ok. The grass issue on the rifle range has turned in our favor. We have successfully seeded over 900 yards. With a few minor...

Pistol Pit is Operational

It’s been a long summer. First it rained most of the season. Now it’s getting cold and dry. When I still need some rain...

Gravel for Pistol – Tac Rifle Pit

So…here is what 6 dump trucks of gravel looks like before being pushed down with the small dozer. Right now, the question is, “Will...