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Thumb - Drawing - Transitions - Reloads

Draws – Transitions – Reloads

Sometimes I just need to blow the dust off and reaffirm some skills. Is anything shown here impressive? No. But shooting is a journey,...

1911 Drill – 25 Yard Plate Rack

The 25 yard plate rack drill.  Draw from concealment. 6 Station Falling Plate Rack. Time 5.09 seconds.  Pistol: Wilson EDC X9L 1911 (9mm).  Sights:...
Old man shooting.

73 Years Young

Doc on the range working on some pistol skills. Did you notice he even shot weak handed? Also good to keep that experience in...

Ghetto Dot Torture Drill

So…a few weeks back we had a new LE friend of ours stop by the range and want to work pistols. It turned out...

5 Seconds is a Long Time

In the snow.  Draw concealed.  New cover garment.  5 second par time.  5-10-15-20-25-30 yards.  B/C zone IPSC target    Target note: we have this set...

Video — One Handed Shooting HK VP9

I am a big proponent of one handed and weak hand shooting. Without getting into all the reasons, the next time you see video...