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John1911 Podcast

Rant – Federalizing Elections

Podcast rant. Why the argument about federalizing the elections is not real.    Marky John1911.com "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"

Rant – Stop Blaming The Ammo Supply

I have noticed all during the pandemic that people blame the current ammo supply situation for their lack of training. I have bit my...

Rant – Beating the Price Gougers

So…we are finally starting to go onto the open market to source ammo. But at these prices, we have decided to give friends first...

Rant – 1911’s Are Not The Best Gun Ever

Rant: It has been my observation that people who fetishize makes and models of guns can't shoot. Skill is skill. Back when I was...

Podcast Rant – 3D Guns are Bullshit

Rant: Do I support 3-D printing technology? Yes. Do I support the right of individuals to create 3-D printed guns? Yes. Do I think 3-D printed guns are...