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Zeroing Blaser R8 223 caliber barrel.

Zero and DOPE Check

Why shoot cheap, reloaded ammo through your higher-end bolt gun? Simple. It’s a cheap way to practice position shooting. What a lot of people...
Don't Just Shoot Prone - Barricade Shooting.

Barricade Shooting: Don’t Just Shoot Prone

Just trying to get a little practice in on the barricade. Getting used to the new chassis and suppressor. Rifle: Blaser. Caliber: 243 Chassis:...
How to Adjust a rifle stock

Up For Down – Down For Up

Playing with a fully adjustable stock. The general rule is to raise the butt for prone. And lower the butt for standing.  So let’s see...
The Pump Pillow by Wiebad.

This Pump Pillow is a Thing

So…a few weeks back, I had decided to up my rear bag game. For a decade, I have essentially used only the same one....

Sling Slip Fix

Recently I’ve become a fan of a sling type called the “Peabody.” It was designed by Gunsite instructor Il Ling New and named after...