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Staying in Position

Staying in Position

One skill I like to own. And one habit I like to reenforce is the tendency to stay behind the rifle and looking through...
Blaser R8 GRS Ragnarok Chassis Folding Stock.

Folded Rifle with Suppressor

Reason number 600 why I enjoy the GRS Ragnarok chassis. With the suppressor still attached and a full length barrel, I can fold the...
How to Adjust a rifle stock

Up For Down – Down For Up

Playing with a fully adjustable stock. The general rule is to raise the butt for prone. And lower the butt for standing.  So let’s see...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install

GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install

This is a step-by-step process on how to install a Blaser R8 receiver block into a GRS Ragnarok chassis.  The only special tool you will...