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Rhodesian Chest Rig

Rhodesian Chest Rig

Ok. The begging of this article isn’t going to age well. Primarily because my gripes and complaints about why I don’t have time for...
Function Test 556 FAL - SAR-4800

556 FAL Function Test

So…we were testing the SAR-4800 / 556 FAL trying to get it ready for some projects. It was initially gassed for some old Wolf...

The 5.56 FAL Argument

Right off the bat, I have to confess this video is more for my benefit than yours. Pretty consistently we receive drive-by comments about the...

Zeroing 223 FAL

It was a very rainy day and I had a busy schedule. So I jumped onto the bench rest range for a quick 100...

Video — FAL Gas Setting Marked For 55g Wolf Ammo

When you are dealing with many different firearms, a good policy is to double document the settings for those guns. One, if the opportunity...

Video Adjusting 223 FAL Gas for Wolf Ammo

As promised, we have pulled the 223 FAL (SAR 4800) out of the armory and are working it up for some future drills. Here...