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1.98 Second Bill Drill

1.98 Second Bill Drill So while the Amish guys are building the “barn”, I snuck away for a few minutes to shoot in the pit....

The Devil Drill – 6/6/6 – Modified

The Devil Drill - 6/6/6 - Modified Time for another 1911 drill. This one is the Devil Drill and I believe the creator is Larry...
3 second par time. HK Vp9. Shot timer.

3 Second Par Time

Blowing the dust off the VP9 and playing with a 3 second par time. And the video tells the tale: I need to work...
That Was Ugly Sesh

That Was Ugly

Just shooting a modified head-shot standard since that is the target I had in the truck.  Frankly it could have gone better. Going to have...