Friday, September 24, 2021
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Reload Practice

Rocker Mag Practice 

After spending 3 decades of my life reloading squarish, AR-15 magazines, I need to re-train my pea-sized brain to rock in the SIG 551...
Sig 551a1 Green Furniture

SIG 551a1 – Green Furniture 

So we broke down and purchased all the Swiss Army green furniture for the US made SIG 551. Why? Simple. The black fore-end moves...
SIG 551A1 Magazine

POTD – Can You Name This Magazine?

I enjoyed shooting this gun way more than I would have thought. Can you name the rifle that accepts the magazine? #john1911 #whatisit     Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns...

4574 Reasons…

After we started showing the American made SIG 551A1 on video, I have received numerous inquiries as to how the real deal Swiss Arms...

Armory Chat EP14 — The People Have Spoken

It appears folks have chosen the 223 FN FAL as the first rifle to shoot some drills with. In order of votes: FN FAL 223. SIG...

Armory Chat EP13 — Which Rifle – 223 FAL – AR/70...

By popular demand, we are going to start showing more rifles from the armory. Most of these are from the reference library and others...