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Rifle range steel

19 Pieces of Steel

New for 2021, is our upgraded rifle range. 19 pieces of permanently installed steel. Where? More challenging targets (read smaller) in the open, and some partially...
POTD - Timed Hostage Rescue Shot

POTD – Timed Hostage Rescue Shot

Doc and I at the Cool-Kid-Range practicing a timed, multi-target,  hostage rescue shot.      Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Cold Weather Range Shakedown

So…it was a 1 degree day with winds gusting from 15-20mph. And “Officer Mike” wanted to see the rifle range progress. And I wanted...

Don’t Dis The Rifle

Personal reality check. Sometimes I forget that people watch what I do closely. Sometimes too closely. Gun people in particular are really bad for...

POTD — Blaser Tactical 2 Police Sniper

A Police Sniper shares with us a photo from a training cycle he recently completed. Pretty neat image and worth posting. I think his...

ISIS Sniper Video

Interesting video showing the other side of the sniper equation. Unlike the movies, a lot can be learned from these images. What works? What doesn’t?...