Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Armory Chat EP12: Yaqui Style Holsters Are Dangerous

Armory Chat follow up on a subject I broached a while back regarding Yaqui style holsters. Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

John1911 Podcast EP47 –

Episode 47 of the John1911 Podcast. Sorry for the delay. We have been busy with some hunting trips and projects.   GP11 Ammo is back! HK...

2016 Chainsaw Party – Guns & Knives

This is a theme that our regulars know I touch on from time to time: Carry guns that people don’t actually carry. The internet...

Confirming Zero Texas Pig

One thing that continues to amaze me as I progress along in my hunting career are the amount of hunters who not confirm rifle...

We are on Snap Chat

Just some new business to post. We are expanding our social media presence to multiple outlets. The thinking is when one of the majors...
Tombstone Actor Shot

Tombstone Actor Shot

Many of you have heard about the shooting at Tombstone this week. A regular cadre of actors reenacts famous gunfights for the tourist trade....

Glock 19 Gen 2 Giveaway Pictures

Here are detailed pictures of the current giveaway gun. A LE trade in Glock 19 that is a Generation 2. It comes with one...

POTD: My Retired 1911

POTD: Picture of the Day. It's been a while since this old gun of mine has seen some sunlight. It's my old 1911 I...