Saturday, September 25, 2021
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POTD – New Pistol Section

POTD - New Pistol Section Been shuffling around some of the guns in The Armory. The goal is to be more organized and efficient. To...

POTD – Knocking the Stupid Off

Knocking the stupid off my gun. This has been on my CCW for a few weeks since I’ve been too busy to take it...

SHS 40 – HK VP9 SK Pistol

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we find a gun that I didn’t expect to see in a used case for a...

POTD – Clean Yo Nasty Gun!

As some of you are aware, we’ve had a photographer hanging around the armory as of late. And no he isn’t into guns at...

Video — Full Speed – Slow Speed Video Test

Full Speed - Slow Speed video test. It is interesting to see your own hands under recoil to pick out every little nuance. Also...

Video — Super Slow-motion HK VP9

This video on it’s face really only has value as test I am running. But..who doesn’t like slow-motion firearms? Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Christmas Holster Project

I’m sure many of you suffer from the same affliction I do: restless project syndrome. I spent two decades working every holiday and never...

Cheap Trigger Guard Holster

While waiting for my replacement AIWB holster from Keeper’s Concealment I decided to break out some cheapie, “gun-show special” holsters to see if they...

Time Trials From A Holster

In the real world, the most important time you can work on is drawing from the holster and getting that first hit. A lot...

Video — Not a Beauty Queen

Just a quick blurb video. Freeze and I spent some time today moving Combloc ammo crates around. Some hand’t been touched in 20 years....
Deset Eagle Mag w/ VP9

POTD: That Magazine is Huge!

So I was in my regular FFL's shop taking care of some business. Things have been a bit lean over there and I was...
Freeze and Marky's Pistols.

CCW Pistols, Rust and Hard Labor.

Do you carry all the time? 9x out of 10, looking at photos of your pistol, I can tell if you are lying. You...

HK VP9 Recoil Spring Change Schedule

I can't believe I forgot to post this. As many of our readers are aware, Freeze and I are quite fond of the latest...

The US Army Wants New Pistol To Shoot Hollow Points

Personal Opinion. The US Army and the DOD writ large allowing hollow point ammunition for service use has been a long time coming. The...