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Video Short - Gemtech Integra Run & Gun

Video Short – Gemtech Integra VTAC Run

So we have the film guys back out in the range trying to pickup where we left off last year. Been shooting the Gemtech...

Shooting Tired

    Exhausted today. 84 degrees. Didn’t feel like shooting. But still got my hits. Showing up matters. Did you show up today? —Marky

1911 Camera Test

Just like the video title says. This is a camera test. Nothing more. Projects in the works.  Barricade - Vikings Tactics VTAC. Pistol 1...
RDS Pistol Offset

RDS Offset Is Real

See these pics? They are of bullets crashing into the tops of VTAC barricades. And you want to know who is responsible?  Me. Sucks to write...

Retention Holster Work

The best way for me to get used to a retention holster is to practice using it while actually trying to do something else:...
Don't Just Shoot Prone - Barricade Shooting.

Barricade Shooting: Don’t Just Shoot Prone

Just trying to get a little practice in on the barricade. Getting used to the new chassis and suppressor. Rifle: Blaser. Caliber: 243 Chassis:...