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Wilson EDC X9L – Test Target

SkyViking sends over some pics of his new EDC X9L. Nice test target.  —editor        SkyViking www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

10 Wilson EDC X9 Options

Just as the title says, here are the 10 options I choose for my Wilson X9 pistol, and the logic behind those decisions.    Your mileage...

Wilson eXperior Commander Double Stack

Wilson rolled these out a few months ago and I thought it was worth featuring here. And here’s why. If you like the double stack...

POTD – The 13 P’s of Gun Wear

Pistol princesses post preposterous pictures of pistols posing perfectly per peer pressure to peacock profoundly.    —Marky

EDC X9L First Shots

One needs to crawl before they walk. At least us mere mortals. So here I am literally shooting the X9L for the first time…on...