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Shimming RDS Mount.

Shimming RDS Mount

While putting an Aimpoint on the SIG 551 rifle, I noticed the Scalarworks mount kept coming lose at the bench. After a number of...
HK P9S Initial Cleaning

HK P9S Cleaning

After function testing and shooting the police trade-on P9S, it’s time to give it a cleaning.  Certainly a unique pistol with an uncommon locking system....
PSA upper. Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Upper.

PSA 16″ Upper

I ran across a pretty good deal on an AR15 complete parts kit. Palmetto State Arsenal was running a sale and I jumped on...

Bayonet Lug Install PTR-91

A few weeks back, we realized that an old armory project was long overdue. Actually two projects. The first was to reconfigure the PTR-91...

Bad News BREN

We have an update on the BREN dummy gun. Initially we had hoped the 07 could bring it back to life as a semi-auto....

Cracks in Mauser Stock

A while back Marky picked up a Yugo Mauser at an estate auction. Any new firearm that comes into the armory get’s completely taken...