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Enfield Sniper

POTD – Enfield No.4 MK1 T Sniper

Took these pics a few years ago at the Cody Firearms Museum. At the time, this was Enfield sniper was racked in their storage...

POTD – Russian Sniper Rifle Testing

POTD - Russian Sniper Rifle Testing Some quick pictures from the range today. We were filming the answer to a question a viewer asked. So...

Video — Two Russian Snipers

Two Russian Snipers. Same year manufactured. Different personalities. Be it a 1911 or a brand new AR, every weapon exhibits particular traits that make it...

POTD — German Sniper with Russian Rifle

History is a funny thing. Here is a photo of some German snipers dated 25th April, 1945. Germany officially surrendered on May 7th. When most...

POTD – M1 Garand Sniper Rifle

Thought these were neat images. Looking closer, I am guessing this is a M1C variant since the scope mount is bolted to the receiver....

POTD — Fantasy German Sniper

I have always felt there are generally two types of people in the gun community. Collectors and shooters. The collectors want everything original, correct,...