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POTD – Enfield No.4 MK1 T Sniper

Enfield Sniper
Lee Enfield No 4 MK1 T Sniper

Took these pics a few years ago at the Cody Firearms Museum. At the time, this was Enfield sniper was racked in their storage area. As such, we couldn’t get hands-on access to it. 

But…it still helped us quite a bit. On that trip, we spent 6 hours photographing guns of interest, or future project guns. The pics aren’t sexy or publish quality. 

However you might notice that every pic tries to capture details to answer questions that could arise later:

  • Did an enfield sniper have bayonet lugs?
  • Is the cheek piece we are looking at later correct or a re-pop?
  • What is the correct hardware for the sling?
  • What’s the shape of the bolt-handle?
  • Is that weird taper at the crown correct or a sign of fraud?
  • “Why yes, it just so happens we have pics of a Holland & Holland converted sniper”.
Enfield Sniper barrel.
Enfield Sniper barrel – fore end.
Enfield Sniper Stock
Enfield Sniper rear stock configuration and hardware.
Enfield Sniper Scope & Mounts
Scope, mounts and bolt shape.

Anyway…maybe you got something out of this? Perhaps not. But for those curious, it’s this kind of background work that helps us make decisions later when managing our reference collection. 






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