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Rant – Coming Clean About Col. Jeff Cooper

Putting my feelings on the record since the #1 vector of attack regarding my Yaqui holster video; typically uses the false logic of, "derp...

Yaqui Holster Issue — Demo Video

I keep getting inquires about specifically why I don’t like Yaqui style holsters. Previously I have addressed it, but it seems I need to...

Armory Chat EP12: Yaqui Style Holsters Are Dangerous

Armory Chat follow up on a subject I broached a while back regarding Yaqui style holsters. Marky www.john1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Yaqui Style Holsters Are Bullcrap

This needs to stop. Seriously. Stop buying these pieces of crap. Stop wearing these pieces of crap. Stop pretending these aren’t pieces of crap....