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Terror Attack in Tunisia and How a Civilian Can Be Prepared.

Tunisia Beach Attacker Walking Down Beach After Initial Shooting



Photographs of the Tunisian beach gunman either right before or during the attack. Witnesses say he hid his rifle in an umbrella. Included is a Sky News link below that shows a report from the scene. Pay special attention to how close it seems the shooter got to Western Tourists before opening fire. What are the chances you could stop a AK attack from 15 feet away with no weapons and no warning? Not optimal. As in life, it’s usually better to be lucky. Meaning the attacker doesn’t shoot you first.

Some report this is the first victim of beach shooting.


There are also reports that there were some local, armed security on sight. Some reports are that some of those weapons either failed to fire or jammed almost immediately. There is a second report that one of the security guards ran away since he didn’t have body armor. But a civilian was able to get his weapon and try to engage the attacker. Only to have the weapon fail, or the user wasn’t knowledgable on how to load, clear, make safe / unsafe.



A couple of points.

1. How common is it to see someone with a long gun in the areas you travel? Frankly, this is a tough call. Because in most third world countries, I see AK guys all the time. It is not uncommon at all for fancier areas to have extra or contracted, armed security.

2. If so, pay attention to how those people dress. While it is possible for attackers to steal uniforms, in this case it may have given you a few extra moments of warning before the shooting starts. I can’t prove this statistically but it has been my observation that stolen or fake uniforms are most often detected by inappropriate footwear.

3. For the gun guys. What guns do the locals use? Again, a tough barometer since one can always be surprised by new and strange weapons locals dig up. But if you are in a country where the chief security long-arm is an AUG, would a guy carrying an AK in civilian clothes be a red flag? Ditto FAMAS or FAL or G3 rifles. Food for thought. Doubly true for RPG’s or anti-tank weapons. Do you realize the G3 is probably only second to the AK in popularity overseas? Especially true in the Middle East.

4. Where to go? If you typically stay in “tourist” areas in most countries you are relatively safe. Because the local economy doesn’t do well if the tourists trade falters. But if someone is looking to hurt foreigners, are you in an area that has the reputation? No good answer. Especially if you travel with dependents.

While Generally Safe From Street Violence, Hi-Profile Attackers Target Such Areas.

5. So…you are a 1911 guy. Or an AR guy. All day and twice on Sunday. Would it behove you to research local weapons in future travel destinations incase you get a chance to pickup a strange gun in an emergency? Can you shoot a DA 38 revolver? Can you charge a G3? Do you know how to change mag on a FAL?

G3 Rifles. Can you load one of these?


Here is a Report from SKY NEWS on the attack. 

The Attacker Shot Dead In Street.


No right answers here. Just food for thought.



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