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The Amber Guyger Shooting

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting

This has come to trial. And as tragic as it all is, Amber Guyger has unfortunately earned a lengthy jail sentence. I truly feel terrible for her.

But being a cop is no joke. And carrying a firearm in the name of the government, is a bigger responsibility than the average cat is mentally capable of understanding.

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Amber Guyger was in uniform when shooting occurred.

The victim was in the privacy of his own domicile. Additionally he wasn’t engaged in activity that a reasonable person would expect the possibility of law enforcement coming through the door. I.e. Al Capone didn’t have this luxury.

In no area of your life are your Constitutional protections greater than in the privacy of your home. So much so, if the victim had actually survived the initial gunfire and shot and killed Guyger? He would still likely be getting a big check from the City. And a medal.

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Botham Jean is afforded the same rights inside his home as anyone else.

Bad. Bad. Bad. How bad is this? In my personal opinion, if something like this had happened in say 1930? Odds on favor would be the City would feel compelled to fabricate the scenario and plant evidence for self preservation.

I would like to think that wouldn’t have happened. And I wasn’t alive in 1930. But some scenarios are so terrible and completely inescapable; that given the opportunity, people and organizations would have circled the wagons on this.

Nobody is more pro-LEO than me. But you know damn well in your hearts I’m right.

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Guyger Apt vs Jean’s apartment.

So…here’s the good news. We don’t live in an age where justice can be denied because the “good guys” did the screwing up. There are too many cameras. Too many recordings. Too many paper trails. And too many citizens up to date on such things.

Personally I don’t want Amber Guyger, who made a terrible mistake, to get 99 years in prison. But for the sake of justice? If she does? I’m ok with that.

Harsh? Cold? You think I’m a callous dick? Imagine how the victim’s mother feels tonight? Now ask yourself this, “How can she screw up this bad and NOT spend the rest of her life in jail?”

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Guyger on the stand during the trial.

I can see her right now crying on the stand and I feel awful for her. But prison is full of tragic sob stories.

But don’t worry. You know this isn’t THE trial, right? I mean sure. To the participants and victims it is. She’s going to jail. At least she better. Because justice demands it.

But the real trial is deciding if the victim’s estate is getting 5 million from the city or 500 million.

Because after she is convicted? The civil trial will look into her training records, her FTO’s reports, her firearms qualifications, her mental evaluations when getting hired, citizen complaints, work citations, social media profiles, personal relationships, drugs, alcohol, etc, etc, etc.

Was she a good cop or putz? Was she qualified or graded on a curve? Is she a sociopath or fear-biter? Card carrying member of MENSA or dumber than a hammered rock?

That, folks, will determine how many zeros are on that check.

Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting
Amber Guyger & Botham Jean Shooting

And before you roll in and tell us all how perfect you are and how much of a piece of shit she is? Tell me you’ve never walked up to the wrong car in a parking lot, the wrong door or floor in a hotel, taken the wrong exit on the highway, picked up the wrong cell phone? Maybe even walking down a hallway reading this on your phone right now?

If you say you haven’t? You’re a bigger piece of shit then she will ever be. And she murdered a guy! At least she immediately coped to what happened.

You? Are you still walking around thinking you can’t make mistakes? That Amber Guyger is incredibly stupid or you are incredibly smart? If that’s your only takeaway form this tragedy? I think you should reconsider carrying a gun. Ever. CCW permit or not. 

Get your head in the game and pay attention to what’s actually going on around you. Otherwise you are in for a lot of grief and even more zeros on that check. 






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