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The Ed Brown Gets It’s Eyes

Ed Brown A3 Tactical Rifle
Scope and base mounted.

Sometimes a simple project turns into quite the conundrum.  This was the case with mounting the new Zeiss LRP S3 to the EB A3 Tactical.  What little bit of information I could find online lead me to believe it was based off a Remington 700 long action, and it was. Kinda.  The rifle came with the two piece base that Ed Brown puts on them.  Because I like as much wiggle room as I can get for setting up eye relief, I decided to go with a one piece base.

Ed Brown A3 Long Action Scope Base.
Single Piece Scope Base doesn’t fit.

Piece of cake. Grabbed a Nightforce 10MOA base for a 700LA and drove home all excited.  That was short lived as about 5 gallons of Loctite had been used to secure the stock base screws(Marky got quite a chuckle out of this).  Two donor wrenches and a lot of heat and they finally came loose.  Time to put the new base on!  NO JOY! Ed Brown had hogged out the base screws from standard 6-48 to larger 8-40 screws.  Now this is not a bad thing if you are expecting it.

Ed Brown A3 Tactical
Achieving level.

A little time on a website and I found a 700 LA base with 8-40 screws.  Happy days are here again!  The base arrives and off to the armory I go to mount it. WTF, the Ed Brown is not quite a 700LA.  While the screw spacing is correct for the 700, the receiver is rounded in the rear and equal height.  As can be seen in the picture, there is quite a gap.

Ed Brown A3 Tactical Scope Base
Using a credit card for even torque.

A quick email to Ed Brown confirmed that it is indeed a proprietary receiver and base.  After a string of expletives that would have made Gunny Hartman proud, I got back to work.  Found a manufacturer who machines bases for all kinds of odd ball stuff, including Ed Brown rifles.  A quick email to make sure I was not getting a hogged out 700 base and we got her started this way.  The Murphy Precision 10MOA stainless base fit perfectly.

Ed Brown A3 Tactical Rifle
Scope and base mounted.

I documented some of the mounting procedures I use with pictures in case anybody was interested.  A small amount, think application with a toothpick, of BLUE Loctite was used to secure the base to the rifle. I highly recommend the credit card system of shimming your rings to help ensure equal torque.  When I can use it, a scope leveling wedge makes short and easy work of leveling the cross hairs on a scope.  Most importantly, I used a torque wrench and torqued all fasteners to recommended specifications.


Now for some good weather to sight it in!





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