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Masses being asses.

Here is an example of what I have to put up with on the internet. This is a guy who was offended because I alluded to the fact that most states won’t even allow 5.56 to be used as a deer hunting round.

“Your and idiot because you said 5.56 is not as powerful as a hunting round. It was specifically designed to tumble and cause flesh damage. Your an idiot and I hope you get murdered by a negro”

I am not hating on 5.56. Far from it. I think it’s a fantastic round, and my bullet weight of choice for serious social work in that caliber is…gasp…55 grains! So yeah, I’m pretty confident in the caliber.

Cool AR. But not the Hammer of Thor
Cool AR. But not the Hammer of Thor

But what we have here is someone who has a tidbit of information and is trying to extrapolate, erroneously, an entire belief system or methodology. It’s the first sign of an amateur.

And for the kicker. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an amateur. On some level we are all amateurs. But what makes his type so insufferable is the unwillingness to even admit to themselves, “I don’t know”. Instead, he is emotionally and egotistically invested in the mere ownership of a particular piece of equipment instead of actually mastering it.

The internet of Derp.
The internet of Derp even has grammatical errors in it’s derpy-derp, MEME’s.

“Lord, save us from the newly converted”.



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