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Threading 308 & 270wby Barrels

Threading Blaser R8 Barrels.
Threading Blaser R8 Barrel.

Some years ago, we purchased some Blaser factory barrels for the R8. These are semi-weight profile and in 308 and 270wby. 

Since I am pretty much all suppressed all the time with bolt guns, it was time to get these barrels threaded. Had to pull some strings to jump the back-log at our machine shop. (Read strings as hundred dollar bills.) And 6 hours later, viola! Two Blaser R8 barrels are threaded. 

While getting plasma-nitrided German barrels threaded is a little bit of a pain, the upside is we get to choose the thread pitch. And in America, it’s 1/2×28. 

This will give us many, many more options for US made direct thread cans and muzzle devices should we be so inclined. 

Function and accuracy testing coming soon. 






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