Loctite screws

Vibration Kills

  • It’s not just the recoil. 
  • It’s the carrying. 
  • It’s the dry-firing. 
  • It’s the daily 20 mile trip in the trunk. 
  • It’s the expansion – contraction of hot-cold weather. 

Use firearms even moderately seriously and you’ll be checking torque and screws on the regular. Why? Because the one time you don’t check? Damn thing will have walked! 

Loctite screws

Notice the torque wrench. You need to know your torque settings for everything. Write them down. Screw bases. Aluminum or steel rings. Action screws. Etc. etc. It should all be in your data book.

Some dude named Murphy seems to be the culprit. 

Loctite screws

A little dab will do ya. Honestly…IMO even this is a bit too much. YMMV.

Blue Loctite is your friend. Red and green isn’t! If the application won’t allow for Loctite? Think about some of your girlfriend’s nail polish. You can even use the clear coat stuff. Works great. Especially on 1911 grip screws. Anything to foul the threads. 

And since we are on it, if you think my crack about “your girlfriend’s” nail polish is “toxic masculinity”? Where you stick your dick isn’t my problem. Stop trying to make it so. 






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