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Video – Reporter Loses Eye To Shrapnel

Reporter loses eye to shrapnel in Syria

With the advent of more and more people using cameras and more and people people using those cameras in dangerous places, content like this is no longer filtered by the censors.

Here is an example of how someone loses an eye on the battlefield. While getting slammed with shrapnel from military munitions might not be par-for-the-course. There are quite a lot of shooters in the US who regularly shoot at steel targets without eye-protection on.

In my much younger days, I had one close call with a ricochet that hit me square in the eye-box. Early 80’s. I have damn, damn lucky there was not permeant damage. But just a few millimeters another way, and my name would be, “Pirate Marky”.

Don’t be Pirate Marky.

You have been warned.


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