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Why the HK ProMags Don’t Work

HK ProMag
Aftermarket HK VP9 Mags. ProMag is not where it's at.

Like a mini fellow VP nine owners the idea of a 17 round flush-fit Magazine is seductive and imminently appealing.

So it was with great interest that I purchased the aftermarket 17 round magazine made by ProMag. These are billed as working in the HKVP9 and the HK P30.

After some analysis and testing, it has become obvious that these will not work. They do not reliably engage the slide lock.

I was hoping I could change out the follower to a factory follower and make it work? But it appears the ProMag follower has nothing in common with an actual factory HK follower. 

They are so different that I suspect that ProMag didn’t even try to make an HK specific follower. Instead choosing to use an existing or generic follower with a slight tweak to an existing mag body in their inventory.

But that is merely speculation. The failure rate of the pro mag is demonstrated fact.





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