A Tale of Two Pig Guns

This recently came up among a group of young hunters I know so I figured I would post about it here. The younger guys tend to always gravitate to the modern as opposed to the tried and true. And these days, that conversation most commonly manifests itself as bolt vs auto.

SCAR 17 setup for Pig Hunting

SCAR 17 setup for Pig Hunting

I certainly am not enough of a hunter to speak with much experience on the subject, but I wish to share some observations:

  1. Auto’s give the user firepower and followup shots without breaking hold.
  2. Bolt guns, generally, have the ability to shoot ballistically superior calibers.
  3. As a shooter, I am generally known as a “tactical” guy, but I choose the R8 Bolt Gun.
  4. The owner of the SCAR 17 in these photos is an accomplished precision rifle shooter including Camp Perry and currently holds a trainer billet with active SWAT snipers
  5. The longest shot I took with the R8 this trip was 60 yards.
  6. The longest shot the owner of the SCAR 17 took was 700 yards.
  7. Traditionally, military snipers used bolt guns.
  8. Today, the trend for military snipers is autos.
  9. I don’t have the answer.
  10. And neither does anyone else.
SCAR 17 & Blaser R8 Pig Hunt

SCAR 17 & Blaser R8 Pig Hunt


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  • Brennen Munro

    I wonder where we will be with precision shooting in another 15 years, after the 2nd generation of kids that play first shooter video games come of age and become military and police snipers? The advances in tech, along with changes in what is considered “duty” weapons, leaves the field wide open…


    • I think technology wise, we are at ceiling gun-wise. The only major changes I can see is more common hunting / high BC loading making it into autos. And weapons that are popular outside the US gaining acceptance here.

      But who really knows?