Are You Smarter Than A Professional Bodyguard?

I posted this picture earlier this year. In the Greater DC area, I was at an event that had 3 rings of security. Traffic control points.  Bomb sniffing dogs. Mandatory bag and body putdowns. Magnetometers. And Lord knows what else. Big money was spent on this dog and pony show for a VIP meet and greet. So…inside the safe-zone, what do I find for sale? These knives. Sigh.

Oh, you’re damn straight I bought it! Sometimes in life, it’s good to keep a little F.U. evidence. When I need to make a point in certain circles, I just bring up the ceramic knife. It’s like a little, yellow middle finger. Gift-wrapped for your pleasure.



“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • B. Young

    lol-every time I fly abroad the first place I stop is the local market to pick up a few paring knives, ice picks, BBQ skewers or whatever is available.
    FYI-stateside Harbor Freight has a few different ceramic “kitchen” knives for $8-$12.

    • I had an old co-worker who was traveling overseas. He worked his way out of the US and changed planes in a foreign country. First thing the flight crew does when serving means is….hand him a steel knife! He kept it was brought it back to brag and laugh. –Marky

  • Mikial

    Great story, and unfortunately all too common. Whatever happened to the pre-event sweep to ensure there weren’t unaddressed threats in the AO?

    • You’re obviously looking at something that got by the sweep.


      • Mikial

        No kidding! Got to agree with you there. I have been involved in events that included former Presidents, the AG, the President of Haiti and Tier One individuals like Jesse Jackson. Please, don’t even ask. 😉

        When I was working with the DoJ and FBI guys, and Secret Serviced guys, they did some very detailed sweeps, and then the sweep teams with their dogs left the AO and the CP teams took over. What stopped anyone from bringing something dangerous into the venue. Answer . . . nothing.