Armory Chat EP32 — BREN Reactivation Project Update

Ok. We approach this project with eyes wide open. The BREN display gun was picked up on the cheap. So much so, it’s worth keeping as a wall hanger.

But why not crack it open and see if a semi-auto reactivation is in the cards? Doesn’t hurt to look.

Every time we get deeper into the project, we find good news. Not bad news. So we are progressing to see if this is feasible. Right now it appears that the receiver might be salvageable.

We’ll keep everyone updated.

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  • Some critical questions:
    1. Does the Mk2 bolt and bolt carrier work with the MK1?
    2. Does the semi-auto conversion use a original bolt and bolt carrier that is modified? Of it is a new semi-auto only part?
    3. I assume if I buy a bolt and carrier, and remove the tack’ed bar, I cross into constructive possession violation. Meaning, I would want to work on the receiver before I have those parts in hand.