Best Pawnshop in a While

I travel quite a bit. Not as much as I used to, but it comes in spurts. I suppose everyone who travels is different. Some taste the local food. Others are drawn to the local pubs. While people such as myself, are always looking for guns, gun shops and gun-culture.

It doesn’t matter if I am in Timbuktu or Tacoma, I am always looking for guns.

While I am not sure what I am about to type is 100% true, I haven’t disproved it either. Only in America have I seen something known as a “Pawn Shop”. Which is interesting, because it is your local pawn shop that is the oldest form of banking.

And one thing pawn shops (with FFL licenses) like to hold as collateral is firearms. Because in the United States, firearms are always good sellers. They also bring in foot traffic. So after I made the rounds looking at the local “gun-stores”, I just typed in, “pawn shop” and set on a walk-about.

Used VP40. Pistol was only released a few months ago!

Used VP40. Pistol was only released a few months ago!

What I found in this little business blew my hair back. They had in stock, a lot of Glock pistols. A lot of HK pistols. A Remington ACR rifle. And they even had a HK VP40. That was used in the case. While I don’t “need” a 40 caliber VP pistol, I certainly thought long and hard about it. Truthfully, if it had the LEO night sites, I probably would have shipped it to my local FFL.

It has been a long time since I’ve been impressed by a pawn shop’s gun selection. So I figured I would share.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Brennen Munro

    Nice looking guns too, most of the guns we have in the local shops are really beat to pieces. I would have been on the fence about the HK40 also!

  • Mikial

    Hey, Marky.

    My wife is from Europe (Austria) and she had never heard of a pawn shop until I showed her one and explained what it is, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right about only America having them. Being a gun loving woman, she thought it was pretty darn cool! In fact, a big high point of getting her permanent resident Green Card (something we spent a lot of money and time to do by the numbers, so don’t even get me . . . or her started on illegals) was when she went in and bought her own brand new 1911.


    She loves it.

    So I guess I’m luckier than most because my wife loves to go gun shopping with me, so it’ll be off to the pawn shop for us.

    • Mikial, I have never meet a legal immigrant who thought the current situation with illegals wasn’t insane. And frankly, all the legal immigrants get pissed off since many assume THEY are illegal. Why? Because there are so MANY illegals. The legal ones are the anomaly!!!

      A few years ago, a immigrant who owns a gas station I frequent was asking about how to get a handgun for self defense. He’s a good guy and a walked him through the process.

      I can say with confidence that should any num-skull try to rob his gas station, things will get ugly fast.

      As it should.


  • Outlaw

    Pawn’s around my area have pretty slim pickings and they are usually hunting rifles or 10/22’s. But as you mentioned about the HK-40 being a relatively recent release, I have noticed quite a number of Springfield XDS-45acp pistols for sale used in local gun shops. It has to be the “oh crap what have I bought” when they pull the trigger on that bad boy. So many people buy them and realize immediately that they have bitten off more than they can chew. Great little gun but really hard to hit what you are aiming at and practice…… That would be brutal on a newbie shooter. I have thought long and hard about taking one home with me but my hands are starting to wear out on me and I probably wouldn’t shoot it much either.