Brooklyn NY Wife Arrested Because of Deceased Husband’s Gun Collection

Looking at the pictures of the guns recovered, it would be fair to say that NYPD would not be thrilled in the slightest to know me, my friends, associates, customers, neighbors or fellow US Citizens.

What am I getting at? NY State and NYC is not America anymore. It’s Western Europe. And only in places like Western Europe could you imagine a case where a widow is arrested because of her late husband’s gun collection.

Confiscated Gun Collection in NYC

Confiscated Gun Collection in NYC

Now some of the media is reporting sensationalized facts to try and gin-up anti-gun sentiment. They are saying the NYPD investigators are looking into the “possibility” the late husband pretended to be a cop — Bullcrap. The media is alluding to the fact a “grenade launcher” was also recovered — it’s a tube with no grenades BTW. It is being reported that the widow was trying to “sell the weapons” and she didn’t try to obtain her own permit or…turn them in. And the police were alerted by an “anonymous tip”.


If you are reading this and you live in New York, I mean this in the nicest possible way so don’t take any offense: fu@k you. If you don’t like me saying that, then do something about it. Because you’re a fu@king asshole. And your state is nothing but a bunch of fu@king assholes. And anyone who tolerates this crap are UnAmerican assholes!

Confiscated Gun Collection NYC

Confiscated Gun Collection NYC

Why? Because every day in Free America, people pass away and estates have auctions or spouses liquidate their husband’s gun collection. But every media outlet in the North East is reporting this event with nefarious implications as if she’s a gun runner outside Benghazi.

And I’m not going to tolerate it. Think of John1911 as Radio Free New York. And you assholes up there are brain washed with the state run media telling crap that isn’t true. So good luck, NY. Have fun hiding in dark corners, listening to illegal short-wave radios while trying to avoid detection by the Stasi.

It’s only a matter of time before the next “anonymous tip” is about you.


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  • FUAC NewYork

    So what exactly would you have us NY A$$holes do exactly?

    Vote against the liberals? Done, every election for 20 + years.

    Move out? I have family that is stuck here for various reasons… and i’m counting the days until i can vote with my feet.

    Just how extreme a protest are you advocating? If enough stupid people for for a$$holes who they think will give them free stuff, the people who go to work every day can’t elect many statewide officials to change things.

    If we move to another state, they will just keep breeding us out and move on to the next state. Look at how the Kalifornians are moving to Kolorado….

    • NY is just like North Korea. It’s not going to end well for you folks up there. It just ain’t. Whatever it is you are doing obviously isn’t enough. It just keeps getting worse, and worse and worse. Pretty soon we’ll hear stories about how the Mayor of New York wants his own nuclear weapons program, starves his people, and blames the Mid-west for his problems.

      F. That.

      Shit rolls down hill and unfortunately that means YOU!


    • And one more thing, WE really don’t like your ass-hole mayors spreading their anti-gun propaganda around Free-America. And we kick their asses accordingly.


      • Mikial

        Here in Virginia, our state legislature enacted a law that made it illegal for an official of another state (specifically New York) to come to Virginia to try to harass gun shop owners or attempt to entrap them in schemes to try to create the perception that they were somehow providing guns that were used in criminal activity in New York.

    • Mikial

      I understand that you say you vote against the Liberals, but after 20 years I would think you would recognize that the wealthy Libs and all their welfare recipients that they keep on the leash with government handouts at the expense of working Americans are going to not only retain control, but impose more and more totalitarian decrees on the population intended to do nothing else that to solidify their absolute control over every aspect of your life.

      Move. Now. As I said in my other comment . . . if you really want to do it, you can. Staying there is tantamount to either agreeing to be their victim or becoming one of them.

      • Hell! Wealthy individuals have been leaving NYC at a pretty steady pace for about 15 years. Some go to Europe. Some go to Florida. Some to Texas.

        But they’re tired of it. And MOST of said individuals are LIBERAL! Denise Rich comes to mind. Literally gave up her US citizenship to get away from taxes.


  • Let’s not even get into the irony of the Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, running her own ITAR-illegal weapons sales operation to ISIS in Syria. THAT’s ILLEGAL guns! But somehow a widow in NYC probably gets more press coverage than Hillary does up there.



    • Mikial

      And let’s not forget Clinton trying to blame ‘gun violence’ (I don’t even get that term . . . violence is violence but it’s all part of the New York mindset) on Vermont. Yet another lie from the esteemed former Senator from New York.

      • Not being from up there, I didn’t know they blamed Vermont. I always heard them complain about VA.


  • Mikial

    This is just like the nonsense that occured in Buffalo, NY last year. The father died and before the family was even done with the grieving process the police showed up at the door and confiscated his guns. It wasn’t even a collection, just his personal guns that were registered nice and legal. Tell me that registration isn’t the prelude to confiscation.

    And now this . . no due process, no simple consideration of the circumstances . . just the police at the door. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up in force to arrest the old lady and make a big splash with the media hauling away his perfectly legal gun collection.

    I was born and raised in upstate New York, and as soon as I was of legal age I got out and have never looked back. If the Liberals want to live in that kind of environment, they’re welcome to it along with all the above the national average crime rates and stupid laws that their Nazi government imposes on them. I would never raise a family there or any of the other Nazi states where parents have to stand by and allow a guy to shower with their daughters in the girl’s locker room because he says he’s a woman, but people are treated like criminals for trying to defend themselves or simply for owning guns while committing no crimes.

    Moving just isn’t that difficult to do. I’ve done it many times over the years and I am a very happy Southerner now enjoying the freedom of being a Virginian where i can not only own all the guns I can afford to buy, but can carry them opening with no permit and concealed with a simple to get concealed permit.

  • Mikial

    So, while we’re talking about New York, a place where my body was born but my heart and soul never lived, here’s another good one for you that ranks right up there with Stop-and-Frisk for no probably cause, and the Nazi police tactics against legal gun owners endemic there.

    ‘According to legal guidance from the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York City Commission on Human Rights, if you don’t address another person by their chosen appellation, you could suffer “civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.” ‘

    Here’s the citation.

    • Kris

      He is such scum.

  • Paul Ellis

    I could not agree more….the way the story is being reported is total BULLSHIT….the Republic is being divided…into those who believe in and follow The Constitution and those who are CLUELESS about it an the RIGHTS it enumerates and protects….and those RIGHTS are GOD GIVEN…and NO MAN can alter or take them away as it is NOT in their power or authority….We The People are the Guardians of OUR RIGHTS….and We tell the Government what to do….not the other way around…a Right the requires a License or Permit is a Right DENIED….I AM THE 3%

    • This happens in NY and it happens in CA. Register your guns, and when you die or end up in a nursing home, here comes the government to steal your guns.

      There is also an economic loss here. Not just the theft, but the inability to easily divest of these items. Which reduces the potential market of buyers. Which drives down prices.

      Confiscation happens. This is an example.


  • Conner

    Here’s one problem I see above all others. The dude should have made a plan so his wife wouldn’t get porked by the chickens#it a$$holes that should be out chasing gang members that have more f#cking rights then the law abiders as soon as he decided to “collect” in the land of minority’s rules. He had to of known he lived in the land of Nazi’s regarding their gun laws. If they think this guy was playing cop with this little stash they’ve obviously have never seen a real ‘gun room’. They’d run in circles screaming like girls yelling KILLER MALITIA! Cuz that’s what commies do. I don’t blame the folks that live there (the 2 or 3 Conservatives) because they have to. We all carry a little blame for letting this disease fester. It starts with indoctrination of our kids, but that’s for another day. Regarding the law of perverts going into the WRONG bathrooms. It may happen once or twice around the university’s here in Arizona, but it will be thought of as “who’s fuckin idea was this” when they have to carry two or three of them out in bags with their panties pulled over their heads if they so much as get near any real mans daughter or granddaughter. Think about it. This garbage has to be done purposely to divide us. Why Else? Who in there right mind would try to push this crap? Well, I’m thinking the same douche bags that think only criminal’s own guns. And the more you own the worse you are. On another note, I had to laugh when I heard Hillary saying: I will not get ugly with Mr. Trump! Way to late for that, wouldn’t you say?

    • Here is a legal question for our New York lawyers. Whatever happened to “community property”? I think that’s a legit question to inquire about in NY. Here’s why. Let’s say a family invests all of their savings into a high-end gun collection in-lieu of gold, stocks and bonds.

      Is it the position of NY that personal taxes, estates taxes and net worth can be separated between married couples as a tax advantage?

      I bet not.

      People in NY just need to actually start fighting this crap.


      • Conner

        You are exactly right Marky IMO. That is kind of what i was referring to in my first comment. There are more and more articles coming out about this because surplus is drying up and values are climbing. I have collected for years for investment, fun and love of firearms. When I die everything I own is divided per my living trust and my C&R goes to my wife.

  • Kris

    As a New York A$$ Hole living outside of NYC, some of us vote against these idiots every year! We don’t support them nor do we stay quiet when they babble! If it were possible to find new jobs and homes for all of my family we would have been out of here. For now, we are just going to keep trudging on as Catholic, conservative, hard working, gun loving A$$ Holes! …. And yes, we do exist!!!

  • John Levanger

    They need to take down that American flag…things like this don’t happen in America!

  • L84Cabo

    Tell me again how, “nobody wants to take your guns.”