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If you are a regular Youtube subscriber, think about following us as well. Our Youtube channel is very small, but we promise lots of useful and interesting video content is coming.

Now to answer the question of, “Why we are finally on Youtube?”

Answer: Frankly, I didn’t understand it. And more importantly, I didn’t understand “how” many of you folks actually watch video via the internet. I have learned that most people prefer to consume videos on their mobile devices through an app.

And since is a blog page and doesn’t have an app, at least not yet, it makes sense to feed to the app you DO have on your phone! See! This old dog can learn some new tricks!

Our Youtube Comment Policy.

Over the past month or we have been posting Youtube videos, testing, learning and feeling it out. Originally we did not allow any comments to be posted to videos. And I could give you some fluffy-puffy BS line about how we didn’t have the resources to moderate and monitor comments on Youtube while also doing same for Facebook and IG and this blog.

I could say that. But that would be a lie. And we don’t lie. The bottom line reason why comments haven’t been turned on is because I don’t like the tone and attitude of most of the comments I see on Youtube. Go a few pages deep on some of the “gun channel” comment sections and it’s a flat-out cesspool. Just like Twitter. B-school lesson — Which is why nobody in Silicon Valley or Wall Street will buy Twitter, but I digress.

Click This Image for the John1911_gun_blog Youtube Channel

But after some research it seems Youtube has implemented tools and infrastructure to moderate and police comments and commentators. The last time I checked, those tools didn’t exist, So…

Sometime this week we will be turning on comments for old videos and allowing comments on new videos. If people have legitimate questions, comments or feedback for us. Or need help or advice from us, we’ll gladly respond to every comment.

Troll us, attack other commentators, threaten violence or posting spam will earn you the delete and ban function. For our regulars on Facebook, this policy is just like over there. You don’t have to like us or agree with us. But keep your comments cogent and constructive, and everyone is happy.

Once more thing: no such thing as a dumb question. If you are too cool for school and want to hang with the tier-1 posers and pretend you’re all “vetted” and peacock with your un-scratched guns and pristine “kit”, move on down the road, Bub. Nobody’s got time for that. Because it’s all about…



“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Marky & Freeze


  • Let me add this. If you wish to watch our videos but prefer the convenience of a app on your phone, we do have an alternative.

    All out videos are hosted there within easy access of the app. I know because I have it installed on my phone. Just like Youtube, free of charge. But the video quality is much, much higher.


  • Conner

    Hey Marky. I assume you’ll still keep this blog going?

    • 100%. This Blog is our home base. Never going anywhere. Even the videos you see here (ours) are NOT hosted on YouTube.


      One day, YouTube could wipe out the gun content and all that work would be gone.

      Us? Just hit our blog and we’re all still here. Can’t touch us.


  • Conner

    Good News. I watch many YouTube vids but quit reading comments. I foresee much time spent removing know-it-alls, smart asses, critics that hate whatever it is you like and express it by putting down whoever doesn’t agree with them. Hmmm….in the famous words of the Nudge, Where have we seen this before? Glad you’re doing it though. You have a lot to give, we have good friends and sensible people that follow your blog and the pricks will be easy to ignore.

    • Apparently we can ban people wholesale. So that should keep the BS down.

      There is even a feature where I can make a person’s comments invisible to everyone but him. Shhhh…’s a double-secret probation feature straight from Dean Wormer’s office.



  • Brennen Munro

    I seem to have chosen to crawl out from under my rock just in time to find that I can be placed on “double secret probation” by the Dean… I have always had such impeccable timing! I have been away from my friends for way too long, and I will try to keep caught up and carry my share. Marky, is there a good way to send you a private message?

    • Hmm….that’s a good question. I guess we don’t have a contact form on this site? Whoops.

      Send a response to the newsletter emails, I’ll see it.