Freeze’s Dove Gun – Winchester 101

I’m not exactly sure I recall every detail about Freeze’s Winchester 101. I know, according to him, it’s a little short for some winged shooting. But it’s the only double gun I have even seen him with.

I also believe he has owned it for many, many years. And somehow, I just know, he got it for well below it’s market value.

He literally could be one of those guys on American Pickers. Burrowing down into the darkest corners of some small American town and popping his head up with gold in hand.

Freeze in the filed. Lima Army Tank Plant T-shirt.

Freeze in the filed. Lima Army Tank Plant T-shirt.

One more thing. We were talking. If you know someone who has some extra Winchester 101 barrels looking for a home, Freeze would be interested. Just about any condition.



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