Life Imitates Art

The Left is in need of some serious soul searching before they get behind the curve on this.
Let me explain….

The media isn’t going to be successful in deflecting from this narrative for much longer. Soon the anarchists will do something terrible, on film; and a lot of people are going to be running for cover.

Let me give you a similar example that has never been discussed publicly. I know more than a handful of folks who fancied themselves as “independent war correspondents” or “private military contractors” who went into Libya and Syria to help rebels fight against “dictators”.

One dude was planning on writing books and selling movie rights about “his war”. Frankly, it looked like a good plan. On paper anyway. Lots of NY and LA media types were following his work closely.

Then the narrative changed. His “buddies” fighting for freedom turned into ISIS and AL NUSRA and started chopping off heads. Now he can’t get a job parking cars in NY or LA.

So he creeps around Kurdistan trying to latch on to that story hoping nobody will connect him and the proto-ISIS days.
Same same here. These black mask wearing fools don’t know what’s coming. Why? They all talk and share their activities on Facebook. Which is searchable. Forever.

If something bad happens and this REALLY turns on them, they’re done. Forever. How do you get a job in 2030-40 when Google shows you were a domestic terrorist in 2017?



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  • Conner

    Good point Marky. Here’s a note to follow up on yours because this seems like a good venue to express what I think many of us feel. There is actually very little actual protesting by the left before and ever since President Trumps election win. Once a bottle is thrown, cops get hurt, a fire is started, a store is looted, a car is turned over and burned or anyone gets hurt in these illegal gatherings a so-called “peaceful protest” changes to a riot. More specifically anarchy. At this point they become our enemy! Proxy wars bought and paid for by billionaire left wingers with nothing constructive to do . First a law should be put in place that makes wearing a mask to hide behind illegal. Anyone wearing one during these gets a free “lumber haircut”. Next my wish would be that Sheriff Clark would be appointed to command a ‘quick response riot swat team and be given the authority to use what ever force is necessary to STOP, not just attempt to move these thugs but to stop and arrest them immediately for public safety. Back to your point. A public list should be put up on facebook listing each rioter by name with their picture and any laws they have broken for all to see. They absolutely have to be made to pay restitution for any property damages done and/ or anyone who may have been physically hurt BY ANYONE in their tantrum rioting group. With that done the only companies that would hire these do nothing morons would be run or owned by the left, then we could sanction by boycotting because that same facebook list should follow them after release from jail to the grave. Rioting, property damage, endangering others or even intimidation is not freedom of speech and these aholes know it! These same hypocrites have the gall to accuse the Tea Party of exactly what they are doing and of course the media endorses and blows their lies out of proportion and gives them more prime time exposure then anyone on the right could ever afford. OBTW, if the right or anyone else was pulling this same crap I would offer the exact solution. Thanks for letting me vent..

    p.s. Marky, I’m not sure what email address to use to contact about our discussion.

    • Scot Prehn

      If people want to wear a mask while protesting go ahead… i don’t mind a bit… but when you block someone else who is trying to get past you, now you are menacing. I wish the police would start enforcing that… you do not have a right to intimidate other people in public. Much like the crazy crown craze that just passed (i hope it has passed) there is nothing illegal about walking around in a clown mask… but start interacting with others in a way that interferes with their free movement and you have a crime taking place (IMO). I think a more likely and unfortunate outcome is someone who wants to “make it right” goes to an event like this loaded for bear knowing trouble will find them, and when it does, a jury doesn’t look kindly on them. In order for that not to happen, i think you need someone who is very cool and level headed acting 100% in self defense… and i don’t think those guys wade into a crowd of masked protesters loaded for bear… they walk around if they can, or stay at home, or go to work…

      I have not been a fan of some of what Trump has done, or the way he has done it so far, but that to me is noise… if he can get the LEOs generally on his side and enforcing laws without going over the top, the few people who i think generate most of this activity will go away.

      • It appears quite a few arrestees caught felonies in DC. That’s a huge deal. Now for the reality….

        The Left doesn’t read my blog apparently. I have been beating this theme like a dead horse. You are always on film. These acts of violence cant be hidden. As soon as the narrative turns, you will see a huge crackdown on this.

        Example. And this is completely within the realm of possibility. What if one of these whack jobs actually hurts someone major like Trump or Milo or Steve Harvey or Omarosa? Or worse? Or one of their spouses of kids?

        How does Madonna or Sarah Silverman look then? They look like co-conspiritors to murder.

        People don’t know what’s coming. Even The Right. This is bad.


    • RICO is coming.


  • Mikial

    All I can say to all these tolerant and open minded Liberals is “Bring it!” Sorry, but patience does wear thin after a while.

    • If the Left looses “the working man”, “the independents”, and the “middle class”, who exactly do they represent politically? If you answer “the blacks” I know quite a few blacks who privately like Donald Trump. They won’t admit it at the ESPY’s, but it’s real. Especially in private. I’m not saying they love, love, love him. But they truly respect him and his fighter spirit. And they know Trump “seems” interested in their problems.

      I truly wonder if this is why they are freaking out so much, They all know he’s not a National Socialists (Nazi – Fascist) because that is what the left actually is. But they don’t know how to frame Trump to keep him from reaching people.


      • Mikial

        Very well put. I know many people of various backgrounds who support Conservative ideals because they understand how things work, and they see that the Liberal approach is actually holding people back. Sadly, I know some so-called ‘security professionals’ who consider themselves ‘Progressives’ and who let their political opinions color their professionalism. I was at dinner with a colleague the day after the election and I commented that in our line of work we protect whoever we take a contract to protect, and that I would take a bullet for someone in the line of duty even if I didn’t like them. He went off and said he disagreed and that if he had the chance he’d take matters into his own hands himself. So much for the professionalism of the Liberals.

        • Your colleague is a Tard and needs to hang it up. He’s done. I don’t know if he’s burned out or just lost touch with reality. But he needs to find another profession.

          These types of jobs have an expiration date on the practitioners. He’s past his due date.

          Tell him I said so.


          • Mikial

            Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Scot Prehn Not sure if links work… but funny how Democrats can praise Reagan and vilify Trump. I wonder what happens if Trump holds a press conference and says literally the exact same thing?

    • The Left is having bigger problems than Trump. They have been co-opted by communists and anarchists.

      That’s why they are losing. They actually are responsible for both Trump and Reagan.