Milsurp El Camino

While on my way down to Texas this past spring, we gassed up next to a pretty rad El Camino. Being an unapologetic “car guy”, immediately the owner and I hit it off. He told he his story and we swapped some tales.

I noticed the parachute pack for the seat cover right off. When the owner popped the hood and showed me the “NO STEP” placard, complete with military style stencil, I about fell over. Woozy and lightheaded from the awesomeness.

It was a cool car. He was a cool guy. And we all had a good time.

NO STEP Plate inside El Camino Engine Compartment.

NO STEP Plate inside El Camino Engine Compartment. When I saw this, I new it would make the blog.

What a great day.


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