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Not Everything That Glitters is Gold

While at the Indy NRA Show, I happened upon Bruce Gray’s booth. Grayguns has been around for quite a while and has a stellar reputation. 

When I saw he had a SIG P320 X-Frame gun on the table, I was legitimately excited. Having never fired a 320 (that I recall anyway), playing with an X-Frame version at a local gun shop left a very, very, very positive impression on me. 

But when I picked up the Grayguns version, that loving feeling was noticeably absent. 

Just then one of the Grayguns staff starts to tell me about all the carry upgrades they have done to this pistol. I think they talked about the trigger, sights, etc. But all I heard was something, something cut and shortened for better carry. 

And just like that…the…love…was…gone. 

In a world flooded with pocket rockets, I only carry full grip handguns. 





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