Police Snipers Confirming 1000 Yard Dope

I had a chance to shoot with some police snipers a while back. The main goal of this trip was to confirm 1000 yard dope on multiple rifles. But what is interesting is what you don’t see. A bunch of super high-dollar rifles.

Sure…you see some nice glass and suppressors. But you don’t need a $7000 rifle to get the job done. Not in the real world.

I am sharing this story to remind some of you at home that having your favorite brand of bullet launcher doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. What matters are the scores.

Special note: The fancy SCAR-17 and Blaser Tactical 2 are not team rifles.


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  • It was a good day. The best shooter of the day was the 223 AR, with the fixed front sight post. But the internets say that’s impossible.

    Uh huh.


  • guns2317

    Nice place to practice. Snipers in our region would likely never have to take such a long distance shot, I think most practice is done 500 yards and in. Most of the “live” shots against perpetrators that I know of are under 100 yards, even as close as 50 yards.

    Some nice ordnance on those tables.

    • Your observations are the same has here. Our snipers live and breathe 500 yards and in. They hit the 1000 yard range once or twice a year just for data collection.


  • BigMike57

    How did your Blazer measure up to the stock-looking 700?

    • I didn’t see how far that shooter took that particular gun. It was a crazy windy day. Gusts at 35+ MPH.

      I was consistently on out to about 750. At 900, I was holding some major windage but still on.

      Beyond 900, I was falling apart. I don’t think I got on the 1000 yard target even once.