M4 Carbine seen in Idlib. Heavy finish wear.

POTD – M4 Carbine Seen in Idlib

There is a very interesting UK based Twitter account that focuses solely on weapons being used and for sale in the world’s war zones: Calibre Obscure  (Twitter handle — @calibreobscura  )

It is run by a single person, but his ability to find info on local weapons is an open source wonder. 

So it was no surprise when I saw this image come by my feed and it turned out to be CO. And with their permission we are sharing it with you. 

M4 Carbine seen in Idlib. Heavy finish wear.

M4 Carbine wear zoomed in.

Obviously a US made M4 Carbine with EoTech RDS. But what I thought was really interesting was the wear to the anodized parts. Forget the politics. Forget the lines on a map. But I think the finish wear on this rifle looks gorgeous. 

We should all shoot our guns enough to earn such wear. 

Keep this comment in mind the next home you see some whiny gun forum person complaining about a scratch or mar to their “perfect” gun. 







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