POTD — Opening Day Gun Season

Made it a point to hunt Freeze’s property this year. Was hoping to break in the Wild West Co-Pilot with some meat. But alas, the light rain and win kept the deer bedded down today. 7-11am nothing.

I’ll try again later in the week.



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  • Buddy Gun

    be in position before sun up, , , and 2 hours before sunset, you will be golden

    • Mikial

      So true. When I was hunting in Utah for many years, we head out at o-dark-thirty and hike to the top of the mountain to find a nice place to sit. Then after the sun came up all the other hunters would start out from their camps and as they worked their way up the draws, they would drive the deer up ahead of them. We’d just sit and take the shot. Worked like a champ. That night we’d always roast a haunch of the first deer taken over the fire. Since we pooled all the deer we got and had a Saturday party to butcher them and divide up the meat, no one minded that we ate a quarter of first deer up the canyon.