Rayner’s Range

So earlier in 2018, a couple of us went up to Rayner’s to check out the facilities. Some members of a local SWAT team were looking for an alternate place for some rifle training. 

A hunter was zero’ing for a hunt out west. I think this range went to 700 yards.

We didn’t shoot. But it was good to see the facilities and get some ideas for our range. Also…I know some of you might be curious about Rayner’s. So perhaps these images give you some idea if it’s worth the trip. 

Location…Middle-East-Ohio. Roughly right between Columbus and Pittsburg. 

Finally…if you are planning on getting something to eat, check out The North Star Pizza & Ice Cream Shop. It’s on the river front, has a wide variety of food options, and are well known for their handmade ice cream. 

I rarely eat ice cream or sweets, but the Peanut Butter flavor was superb. 





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