Scoped Enfield

When I see images like this, it inevitably begets the question: What is your definition of sporterized?

Is it a weapon that has been modified from it’s original configuration? Is it a weapon that was modified from a defined military configuration? Can a military weapon be considered sporterized if there is no formal adaptation by the military for that weapon? Can a commercial off the shelf weapon ever be considered military surplus? Even it it doesn’t appear on any Table of Equipment?

Older full length Enfield rifle with primitive, off-set scope mounted.

Or further down the rabbit hole, how long does a weapon’s configuration have to be in place before it is considered “blasphemous” to make any changes to it? 30 years? 50 years? 100 years?

Were all the Colt SP1 / M16A1 rifles “sporterized” when civilians converted them to the M16A2 or A4 standard? And if they weren’t sporterized then, does the recent collector interest in the M16A1 format of rifle change that now? Who decides that?

The M16A4 is the 20″ Rifle the USMC uses.

What I do know is you can’t please everyone. And if you listen to the “cool kids” for any length of time, hypocrisy will start show in their logic by directly contradicting what they swore was gospel just a few short years before. Cough…cough…appendix carry. Cough…cough…9mm.

Notice the exposed turrets for external adjustment.

Now back to this Enfield. I like it. I would buy it. I would keep it just the way it sits. I would shoot it for fun. And appreciate just how good modern optics are. And given the chance if I had available parts…I wouldn’t be opposed to building one either. Military or not.



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  • MickeyG

    I’ll shoot/ own any weapon I like, civilian, military, or whatever, but I will not sporterize any of my military weapons, though I have some War 2 Mausers that an uncle sporterized that shoot like a dream.

    • So…is this enfield pictured “sporterized” or not?



      • MickeyG

        Not really !

  • Conner

    I believe as collectors it should be understood that we never really own pieces of history. As much as we pay for them and think they are “ours”, in reality we are only being allowed the privilege to watch over them. When we’re gone they certainly (or hopefully) won’t be. With that being said, anything done that is reversible with the original parts being saved for replacement is fair game. But that brings in your question I think, of how original do they have to be to draw the line of when or when not to mess with them. I think that answer comes only with experience. Judging from what I’ve seen of the collection you guys have I know you have respect for history. I haven’t seen anything imo that has been damaging or disrespectful to deface anything some young soldier may have carried in combat. Hence “if only this rifle could talk. Hopefully my picture came out showing a tokarev m40 and an M1 Garand that I have added replica scopes and a few other accessories to just for fun and maybe feel what the snipers saw through their scopes mechanically speaking. I had to have an extra forearm piece for the garand because it had to be modified to mount the M84 scope. The tokarev mount easily slides on from the rear. When taping for mounts know that with a blind plug and a little tig weld plug and with some very careful replacement work it’s damn near impossible to see that it’s ever been touched. I can kinda understand the side mounted scope on the Enfield because there are millions of them and replica scopes and mounts for these are really expensive. I may have just sounded a little hypocritical there but you’d be hard pressed to find an SMLE that hasn’t already been changed from it’s original design.Being wrapped in cosmoline does not mean it’s never been issued.

    • Yup. I see the images. Nice rifles.

      Freeze will be along shortly to complain about your caretaker of history comment.