Slow Motion Short Stroke

Slow Motion Short Stroke

Doc shooting the Integra while I document the short-stroke officially. 

American made MILSPEC ammo functions fine in the upper. Hell! Even low power steel cased Wolf functions in the 90% range. Which is just enough to keep a shooter in tip-top shape clearing stoppages. So that’s a silver lining, right?

But here’s the $64,000 question: Isn’t Wolf Gold supposed to be military grade, MILSPEC M193 55g ammo out of Taiwan? This stuff seems under powered to me. Maybe it’s a bad lot? I’m not blaming Wolf Gold 100% here. It’s probably a combination of borderline velocity ammunition and a integrally suppressed upper with it’s smaller gas-port. 

I just know going forward I will probably only buy Amercian made “good ammo”. Wolf Gold isn’t where it’s at. 





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