S&W 22 Mag J-Frame

I have been eyeing these 22 Magnum J-frames for a while. Which seems strange to my old co-workers. You see, I once…now infamously…said to industry renowned, snubby instructor Ed Lovette,

“Do you know why I don’t own a J-Frame revolver?”

“No” he replied.

With a grin, “Because I would fucking carry it”.

7 Shots in a J-frame. Pretty nifty.

7 Shots in a J-frame. Pretty nifty.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Kind of an asshole thing to say but years of working in shit-holes made me very opinionated. Even today, I question the validity of carrying a 5-shot J-frame in lieu of a Glock 19 with 16 rounds at about the same size.

But…I did finally break down and attend some formal snubby training cycles and did pick up some new tricks. Things you can do with a J-frame that may not be optimal with a Glock 19. Right off the bat, think ground fighting. And considering most fights end up on the ground eventually, that muddies the waters just a bit.

I sent these two pictures to my now life-long buddy, Ed Lovette, wanting to know what he thought? 7 shots of 22 magnum at point blank range is crossing, a little, into the 380 territory. Still amazed that he even will talk to me, much less call me friend replied,

I have, somewhat, new respect for J-frames these days.

I have, somewhat, new respect for J-frames these days.

“That is a nice looking revolver and without frame lock! That may be the best selling point IMHO. During my LE days I learned of two shootings with a .22 mag: One was a .22 bolt gun and the owner had drilled out the chamber to accept .22 mag. His wife held it to her chest and committed suicide, the muzzle blast nearly severed her left breast. The second was a bar fight in which one shot was fired from a Ruger Single-Six. According to witnesses the man was hit and he spun around and dropped DRT. If I was a prepper I think this would be my first choice, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Use the solids for hunting and the HP’s for personnel…”

I think Ed just told me to buy it!



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  • Johnny Lee Lewis

    They do have merit for certain situations
    Even though J frames usually lack capacity… I carried a 638 Airweight.38
    For years in a front pocket hoster, with a Glock 31 on my duty gunbelt. You can fire it inside the pocket of a MA1 flight jacket without it getting fowled up… Quite a suprize for the bad guy. I still prefered the bodyguard with shrouded hammer over
    The 442 type with internal hammer. Mine has had a action job, and I practice out to 50 yds on single action( with good results) the .22 mag would be interesting.

    • I think the 22mag is interesting. I’m nowhere ready to call it GTG.


  • Steve S.

    Greg Ellifritz wrote a decent article about the .22 Magnum for self defense. http://www.activeresponsetraining.net/self-defense-after-surgery

    • Brennen Munro

      This is an interesting read, especially as I have had to deal with many of the same issues from having multiple back surgeries, thank you for the post. I am having new issues with my primary gun hand, and I am wondering if I should just toss in the towel and switch hands… and deal with all that that would bring about. Ugh.

      • Why don’t you just switch hands for all your range sessions and dry fire for the next few months and see if the answer shows itself?


  • Skyviking

    My late friend Bill Jordan thought highly of the .22 WMRF and pleaded for a J-frame in his book, No Second Place Winner. Personally, I would rather carry my PPS or G43 – unless I forsaw the need to be able to fire through a coat pocket. In that case, I would rather carry a .357/.38 Spl. – or a 9mm J-frame or LCR – than a .22WMR. Am I omniscient? Prescient? Nope. On a cold day with your hands in your coat pockets, a good snubbie keeps you feeling warm and snuggly, and could be a pocketful of miracles – esp. if you’re Irish….

    (They are kewl, though heavier than their bigger-bore litter-mates.)

    • I’ll have to re-read that book.


      • Skyviking

        Mine’s autographed.:>) Got it after my “interview board” after meeting Bill at G.W. Stone’s house/shop in Richardson, TX. Got the Diana Hunter w/the scales I picked out that evening a few weeks later…

  • Daniel, God is my judge

    I got a Taurus 941 22 magnum in stainless for my wife, because she lacks the hand strength to rack a slide (arthritis). It’s actually got sights and holds 8 rounds, neat little gun and fun to shoot, but I’m just not into wheel guns for EDC, I like my thin little 380 bodyguard for hot weather and step up to something a little beefier in cool weather. Nonetheless, I sure wouldn’t want to get shot with a 22 mag.