Using Tape to Camouflage a Rifle

The photo is of French Troops in winter conditions with their FAMAS assault rifles and what I guess is a MAS FR F2 Sniper rifle. What struck me about the image was the use of tape to breakup up the black pattern of the weapons in the snow.

Those of us who live in the real world know quite well that most military camouflage jobs are nothing more than a rattle can of spray paint. Nobody who has a serious and professional need to camouflage their weapons across 4 seasons spends $400 on a custom shake-n-bake. I don’t care what the gun mags say. Wait? Are there any of them left in business? 😉

French FAMAS and Sniper rifle. Notice how clean and straight the tape is.

French FAMAS and Sniper rifle. Notice how clean and straight the tape is.

But this picture got me to thinking. While it is common to see scopes taped with various camouflage patterns, I don’t recall anyone ever putting the time in to actually tape up a long-gun for the same effect? And more often than not, I have seen military scopes rattle canned as needed anyway.

Looking closely at how well the lines of the tape are set parallel, I have to wonder if the juice was worth the squeeze? Or put another way, I suspect a Public Information Officer (PIO) was setting up a photoshoot and made crap unnecessarily hard.

But maybe I am in the minority? If any of you actually use tape to camouflage their rifles, please feel free to post pictures below. It does not matter one wit to me if the rifle is “tactical” or civilian. I’m honestly curious.





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