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1000 Yard Range Day Pics

The 700 yard target.

Here are some outtakes and photos from the recent 1000 yard DOPE gathering session. You can see a pic of my lifetime best 1000 yard group HERE. And you can watch our reactions to the black bear crossing in front of our target HERE.

Points of interest:

Spotter has his Savage Rifle. I mention this since I always recommend Savage as a best-buy-for-the-buck rifle. Easily would keep up with the Blaser out to 1000 yards.

2. Notice the 500 yard plate on the ground, referenced in the shooting video.

3. The big black bear crossed in front of the 600 yard target.

4. Cleaning rifle. I don’t always get a chance to clean my precision rig quickly. But when I do, I take the time. You want 10,000 rounds through your 308 precision rifle? Then factor in cleaning time as range time.

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